ECHOES – Book Two

Book two in The Dolphin Prophecy is coming soon!

Book two in The Dolphin Prophecy is coming soon!

ECHOES are reverberations in the spiral of time, repeating lessons earlier generations never learned. They’re louder and more dangerous than CLICKS, and they just won’t leave you be. They repeat over and over til you listen, and cause damage if ignored. (Book 2)

Now that Cami’s discovered more places CLICKS can come from, and who she shares them with, life on Pinhold has become even more stifling. It doesn’t help that the typically perfect beach weather gets interrupted by a series of storms more intense than any seen in generations, keeping her and her friends indoors and stir crazy. The real trouble starts when the weather lifts and The Guard decides to accept clean up help from an old frenemy that Cami doesn’t trust at all. She has good reasons, but no one believes them, forcing her to search for proof on her own.

If Cami cannot understand the echoes and stop history from repeating itself, her failure will bring destruction to Pinhold’s deceptively idyllic shores.

2 thoughts on “ECHOES – Book Two

  1. Jordan

    Can you please put “ECHOES” on iBooks for free like clicks. Thank you for reading this your one of my favorite authors.

    1. Amy Evans Post author

      Thanks so much for the kind words. ECHOES will not be free but it will list for $ .99 for a short time so please grab it as soon as you see it for that very low price. Thank you!

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