CLICKS – Book One

Clicks are the sounds the universe makes to tell you what’s coming next. Clicks are signs, clicks are truths, clicks are feels.

clicksHome to epic waves and black sand beaches, Pinhold Island is regularly voted the top surf spot in the country. People come from all over the world to ride the waves, relax in the natural beauty or participate in the competitive Surf Carnival.    While visitors are jealous of the few hundred people who   live there, sixteen year old Cami feels stifled and trapped by the small community and her family’s expectations.  Thanks to the intense link she shares with her twin brother Mica, she can’t even be alone with her thoughts.

As descendants of the ten families who originally settled on Pinhold, Cami and Mica are part of a new generation of Islanders expected to join The Guard, an elite group of residents who dedicate their lives to guarding the ocean and their island home.  Cami just wants out. But her plans are interrupted by an ocean illness that threatens those she loves the most. Instinctively, she knows how to heal them, but she unused to trusting her instincts, and wastes precious time hunting for proof. Once Cami begins to look below the surface, she finds layer after layer of strange truths she never expected. Can she trust the information she’s receiving, or will she miss the opportunity to save her friends, her brother, and find the truth about herself.


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