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#UTOPiAlove GoFundMe Blog Hop


As many of you know, I’m a four year veteran and a HUGE fan of UTOPiAcon – the book conference that takes place every June in Nashville. This year was beyond epic, and I’m still buzzing from all the positivity, information, and inspiration. And I can not wait for June 2016 to attend the FIFTH anniversary. 

As we jump into this anniversary year, we want to give back to the organizers who have given so much inspiration and support to us. A conference of this magnitude–of this level of MAGIC–is valuable, and also expensive to produce properly.

Utopia has been the birth place of so many books, partnerships, blogs, teams, and friendships. It so genuinely enhances the lives of it’s attendees, but – even more importantly – it helps authors and bloggers bring great things into the world. 

So we wanted to share a little of that with YOU!

Without Utopia I would never have…

That’s the fifteen second version. For lots more reasons, check out this blogtalk radio interview I did with the fabulous Jo Michaels. And check out the other folks on this bloghop to learn about the many ways Utopia changed their lives for the better too.

Over the past few months, we’ve learned that organizers, friends, and even family have come forward and given from their own personal funds in order to help move Utopia forward another year and we want to pay them back. We want to FIGHT FOR OUR WRITE and do our part to help.

So if you’ve ever been touched by Utopia, or if you love any of the authors, bloggers, or readers who have, please take a moment to give a few dollars. This will insure the inspiration continues.

We hope you’ll be led to give from the heart, but to sweeten the deal we have some MAJORLY EPIC incentives! In addition to what you’ll get from the Go Fund Me organizers (see the donation page to read about those), you’ll also get entered to win any one of these amazing raffle prizes listed in the rafflecopter below!


Prizes like these:

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There is no purchase or donation necessary to enter to enter the drawing, but we encourage you to give even just $10 in order to help move us toward our big goal. And don’t forget, every donation of at least $10 earns you free books!


How to enter:


  1. Go visit #UtopiaLove’s Go Fund Me page and make a small donation (this isn’t necessary, but we would be so jazzed if you did this first! AND this earns you an automatic prize based on your donation level. Check your email to collect.)
  2. Click through any one of the rafflecopter entry methods. Complete the necessary item and get entered for all of the raffle prizes listed below.
  3. Click through to the list of other participating authors & bloggers to read how Utopia has changed them!


That’s it! Thanks!


Participating Blogs:


Karen Hooper

Kallie Ross

Susan Burdorf

Jo Michaels

Carlyle Labuschagne

Shantella Benson

Shelley Custer

S.M. Boyce

Komali da Silva

PK Hrezo Http://

Elisabeth Kauffman

Patti Larsen

Michaela Mills

Ginny Gallagher

Liz Long

Raine Thomas

Stacey Marie Brown

Heather Hildenbrand

Amy Evans


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