The Write Path – a letter to myself


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It was fifteen years ago this week that I moved to NYC from LA. I know because it was Fleet Week and I arrived to a city filled with hot men in white pants. In LA, I had a job with a big talent agency, but I’d come to the conclusion that I needed to be talent, not management. Admitting that I wanted to be on the other side of the desk terrified me, but so did staying trapped in a dream that didn’t fit.

So I decided to move to New York to be with my boyfriend (now husband,) and closer to my family in Maryland, hoping it would feel ok to be a writer there. And it did.  I began whispering stories to people. Every time I did, an opportunity popped up. This is a lesson I’ve had confirmed over and over since then. Carrie Butler and PK Hrezo asked a bunch of us to write letters to our younger selves to celebrate her blogoversary.  So here is my letter to me.



1999Dear Amy,

This year you’re going to party like it’s 1999. You are going to find your “write life.” So listen up. There’s a reason you’re on this planet. And you haven’t started doing it yet. You ARE a storyteller. Denial won’t change that. Stop hiding your dreams in the closet and get on with it. So…

WRITE. Just sit down and do it, first thing, every day. All the stories in your head are much better on paper, and when you are writing, all the issues and doubt will disappear. Otherwise the words will crowd your heart and your head. Start every story that’s in your heart, and finish some of them. Go…

hnt_01TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOU ARE WORKING ON. Only your parents will laugh. They’ll remind you that when you were a little tiny kid, you sat around writing stories, and didn’t do much else. Evan will take a story idea that you whisper to him on a long car trip, pitch it to a new media producer and an internet incubator and you guys will start a company based their interest. When people ask what you’re working on, they’re genuinely interested when you tell them. And…

IF THEY ASK TO SEE IT, SHOW IT TO THEM. Immediately. Because they’re excited about, they’ll understand that it’s still in a draft mode. They’re really going to like it, want to see it again when it’s finished, and they may even have a bit of advice. Don’t wait until it’s perfect because it never will be. And their energy will have diminished, and you’ll have to work much hard to capture it again. Just…

small typewriter


FINISH THINGS. Wrap projects up, put them down. Edit, create a clean copy, and make a plan. Keeping them hidden in your computer is almost worse than never having written them at all. Expand your ideas about delivery platforms beyond books, TV and movies and you will actually create new platforms for your stories. Don’t limit your ideas to books Take…

A CLASS OR TWO. You need the deadlines, structure and feedback for editing. But don’t get stuck in the process for too long. Incorporate the feedback you like immediately, ignore the rest and keep moving the project forward. And you will meet amazing people who will stick with you for the rest of your life. It’s magical to have friends who already know your dreams. They’ll encourage you, understand you, get you back on track if they need to and celebrate even the smallest successes. Always…

TRUST YOUR INTUITION. Especially when it comes to people and opportunities. You know which ones will carry you forward and which will not. Do not question your instincts, or feel guilty about them. You see things that others do not, and come up with unique and creative connections. This is ultimately what will drive you to create stories that only you can tell, the stories only you can share with the world. Remember…

The Penthouse Clocktower in DUMBO Brooklyn at Sunset


TIME IS DIVINE. You can reject the desk job mentality, and spend your days doing work that inspires you and is productive. Interesting opportunities will always come your way if you stay optimistic and open minded. And go marry that boy already. You guys make dreams come true for each other and your babies are going to be adorable. And lastly…

PUT YOUR STORIES FIRST. There will be plenty of distractions, many will even be essential to creating the career you want. But make the creative writing time the most important tentpole of every day. Make storytelling sacred, because that is truly the part that only you can do.

With love and light,

Future You

You know CLICKS? It used to be called The Dolphin Book!

CLICKS are many things – they’re instincts, they’re connections, and they’re one of the sounds dolphins make when they communicate.

All of these definitions factored into the name of my first bookdolphin cloud.

For so long, I called it The Dolphin Book. Eventually, it had to have more of a name, so I called it The Dolphin Prophecy, because a major theme in the book is that what happens to the dolphins will happen to humans too. But then, I began to pitch. Editors didn’t know what to say because those I talked to insisted  dolphins only worked in middle grade,but I felt this story needed to stay Young Adult. Agents told me to send it because they were intrigued, but it sounded too different, which wasn’t selling at the moment. And they all told me, no matter what other advice I would heed, to bury the storyline about dolphins in the background, and definitely keep it out of marketing.

Clicks Book Cover Then I went to Nashville and UtopYAcon 2012 where I found a whole bunch of people who were publishing independently. They all thought CLICKS sounded interesting, and that I didn’t need to change it to please the publishing industry when they’d discovered another way to get books to an audience. t was Amy Bartol who put it most succinctly. She said “Do you want to spend the next year getting rejections, or readers?” She advised me to hire an editor, a cover designer, and a publicist, and get the darn thing into the world myself. So I did. I was blessed when Jennifer Rees, Regina Wamba, and KP Simmon came on to help. All had worked on NYTimes best sellers and each of them connected with CLICKS. Together, we moved towards publishing. I could ignore the naysayers because I knew the book was interesting, I couldn’t shake the idea that the “dolphin thing” could be damaging, so I changed the blurbs to focus more on surfing and twinning, and made the series name The Pinhold Prophecy. Pinhold is the name of the island, and an anagram for dolphin that very few people caught.

Almost a year later, I can honestly say that “hiding the dolphins” didn’t work at Sphere CLICKs word cloudall. They drive the plot, the mythology and the action and that hadn’t changed with the marketing copy. Just look at this update word cloud I made. I may have skipped the dolphin shape, but the size of the word tells you how often it was mentioned.  Most readers thought the dolphin parts were the most interesting, exciting and unique. A few didn’t like them at all and, in truth, they would have been much better off if the marketing materials had warned them off. By not mentioning the dolphins, I consistently struggled to explain the book, and I missed out on attracting the audience most inclined to read The Dolphin Book from the start.



Echoes ART square ICONI’ve learned my lesson, though, as the ECHOES cover indicates. It’s the sequel to CLICKS and comes out in June, and before that I’m rereleasing CLICKS as well with the word “dolphin” on the cover. There’s going to be a lot more images and teasers with dolphins as well, because they are the very heart of the book.

There is so much that we can learn from them In CLICKS, Cami had to learn to trust her instincts. I should have  trusted my own as well.  And you know, if you don’t like dolphins? You may not want to check out too much on here for these next few months.




The Oceans Deep Box Set Cover Reveal!!!

Authors: Lani Wendt Young – Telesa, Elle Strauss – Seaweed, Kristen Day – Forsaken, Karen Amanda Hooper – Tangled Tides, Amber Garr – Promises & Betrayal, Cheri Lasota – Artemis RisingHeather Allen – Just Breathe, Nikki Godwin – Chasing Forever Down, Leigh Talbert Moore – Dragonfly & Undertow, Amy Evans – Clicks

Cover Designer: Starla Huchton

We’re so excited to share the amazing cover for the Oceans Deep Box Set. Isn’t it stunning???? Please be sure to add the box set to your TBR list on Goodreads. To learn more about each of the authors, please click on their name on Goodreads, or above.  Keep track of the project on our tumblr:

Box Set Square



Twelve Young Adult romance novels that celebrate sun, sea and love to support World Oceans Day 2014.

As authors, we know while the facts can change people’s minds, fiction can change their hearts. The proceeds from this box set will benefit World Oceans Day, an organization dedicated to celebrating the ocean and encouraging people to really think about what the oceans mean to them.

Comprised of young adult romances in a variety of genres including science fiction, fantasy, contemporary and mythology, the books all have one thing in common: they leave readers more in love with the ocean than they were before.

Together we can help ocean conservation efforts, one word, one page, one story at a time.





Ocean Books Box Set!


CLICKS will be part of a Box Set of Ocean Books, going on sale in June for a limited time to benefit World Oceans Day!


Announcing OCEANS DEEP – Twelve Young Adult romance novels that celebrate sun, sea and love to support World Oceans Day 2014. 

As authors, we know while the facts can change people’s minds,  fiction can change their hearts.

OCEANS DEEP Twelve Young Adult romance

The proceeds from this box set will benefit World Oceans Day through, the charity organization for this global event dedicated to celebrating the ocean and encouraging people to think about why conservation must be important to them.  


Together we can help ocean conservation efforts, one word, one page, one story at a time.

Comprised of twelve full length young adult romance novels in a variety of genres including science fiction, fantasy, contemporary and mythology, the books all have one thing in common: they leave readers more in love with the ocean than they were before.

Just look at this incredible list of authors and books!  Getting to work with them all on this has been a dream come true. This is just a little teaser picture because we’re doing a cover reveal later this week so you can see the stunning design generously donated to the cause. If you want to help with the cover reveal sign up here. And thank you!

I’m so excited to be able to share this news on May 5th, especially, because it would have been my dad’s birthday, and it was from him that I inherited my love of the ocean.

Clicks features the ocean like a character, and I hope that by including it along with a bunch of other “sea reads” we will inspire other’s love for the ocean, and raise a lot of money for a good cause.


Stay tuned here for more information, or check us out at


CLICKS was nominated for two awards at UtopYA!

tumblr_n524u91Gxl1rpo0t0o1_1280I’m so humbled and excited to announce that CLICKS was nominated for best debut novel and best supernatural cover – an honor that definitely belongs to Regina Wamba should we be lucky and win.

I chose to publish CLICKS independently because of all the amazing authors I met at UtopYA the first year of the conference in 2012. These talented and generous people have been a constant source of support and inspiration and I’m so grateful to be included among them.

If you have a minute to vote, I’d be so grateful! It’s a great way to say thank you to all the authors, bloggers and fans nominated. 

Please vote here before May 16th. Happy clicking! And thank you so much!

Earth Day and Jellybean Day Are One!

So today is April 22nd. That means Earth Day and Jellybean Day are ONE!


I’m taking this as a super good sign from the universe that my world is on track in the very best way. Which means it’s a great time to share some new and launch a big giveaway!


Jellybean Kisses Jellybean Day
For Jellybean Day:

My novella A Taste of Jellybean Kisses is available on Amazon, and  iBooks.  And to celebrate Jellybean Day, it’s going to go up chapter by chapter on Wattpad beginning this week. It’s a sweet New Adult romance that I’m really excited to be sharing with you.

What’s the opposite of friends with benefits?

Jax and Jacey. Bends with Frenefits. Significant others who don’t f*ck, or kiss or do anything in between.

Voted cutest couple every year since preschool, they’ve been official since ninth grade. With Jax’s help, Jacey’s gone from the sister of the school slut to the popular Ice Queen, and works hard to keep her reputation clean.

Jax was happy to be the only one who saw the warm girl she’d always been in the years before but by senior year, she’s freezing him out too. He just wants something real before they graduate, but Jacey figures that since she’s loved him forever, they have forever to wait.

A Taste is the prequel, a novella of flashbacks and vignettes so you can get toknow Jax and Jacey and fall in love with JELLYBEAN KISSES too which will be out in a couple weeks.







Pjone Case


For Earth Day:

I’m thrilled to say CLICKS is going to be included in a box set of Young Adult and New Adult books about the ocean coming out June 8th. I’ll have more information about that in the next few weeks, but….ECHOES has a release date. June 16th! I’m so excited to

To celebrate I made myself this iPhone case to celebrate my books and to serve as a reminder that it’s #EarthDayEveryDay. And, I’ve made a few extras to share with you. I’ve launched a great big giveaway to connect with friends, fans and bloggers in great new ways. You can pin,review,  tumblr, comment and highlight your way to enter to win lots of great prizes including one of the phone cases and an Amazon gift card.

I’ve started a street team called Amy’s Angels With Fins, and if you sign up to join you can get points for that too.

Check it out and enter now! I look forward to hearing from you!  Rafflecopter giveaway.




#NALitChat Wishlists from New Adult Authors


So this post from Tumblr pretty much defines the category of New Adult Literature so far. We all know the covers and tropes that have been working for writers and readers. Bad boys, tattoos, abs + almost kisses on the cover.

There has to be more. I know there is. Every week on #NAlitchat we talk to great authors who are writing the next big trend in #NA because they want to read it themselves.

There was a ton of chatter, and some really great tweets. People are interested in Historic Fiction from every time period, including recent ones.

They’d like to see geekier male love interests instead of the typical alpha male.

There are tons of ideas and more in the transcripts here, but in the wise words of one chatter, make sure you vote with your wallet. When something new and different comes out, support it with your wallet and more great things will come along.


How to Start a Street Team

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 10.33.51 AMWe’ve gotten a ton of questions about how to start a street team. This is one of my own personal goals for this quarter so I needed to do my research because I don’t know anything about it at all.

Luckily Heather Hildenbrand came to the rescue. Heather is the author of the Dirty Blood series as well as the founder of Phoenix Author Ink, a coaching service for authors who want to build their brand and increase their sales. She sat down and shared a ton of information with me, and we recorded it! Street Team Interview 

We’ve also got two more experts joining us this Thursday for the audio broadcast at 9 pm eastern. PR expert Rachel Marks and author Rachel Harris will tell more about how to get street team together.

Follow @aammyyss for links and chat information on Thursday night.

Video Interviews for NAlitChat with Michelle Muto and Mia Thompson

naonairHi everyone! As many of you know I am one of the producers of the New Adult Lit Chat. We go live at 9 pm eastern every week to bring conversations about New Adult Literature to Twitter and You Tube with an audio show on Google Hangouts. We’re starting a new way to meet the writers on the NA community who come on our show. Each week we’ll be doing video interviews with our guest and I’d like to give a big thank you to Michelle Muto and Mia Thompson for being the first to sign on. So check out these videos and learn more about Michelle and Mia before or after the live chat on Thursday Oct. 24 when we’ll talk about the thriller and horror genres in NA. Comment if you’d be up to do an interview and join our archives of NA writers. I need all the practice I can get!

Clicks is on thank you sale!

Thanks so much to those of you who have already read CLICKS. To make it easy for you to recommend it to your friends, it’s on sale this weekend at Amazon. Enjoy!