What’s the opposite of friends with benefits?

Bends with frenefits?
Significant others who don’t f*ck?

Jax and Jacey been stuck in a fake relationship for years, because Jacey’s become an ice queen, and Jax is afraid she’ll freeze him out if he pushes too hard. They’re in an awkward, confusing friendzone even though they both want more.

Jacey figures they’ll sort it out in college once they’ve gotten away from the nosey eyes of their conservative beach town. But when the future she planned gets ripped from underneath her feet, Jacey must decide if she can brave the town gossip to give Jax a chance, or risk losing out on her plan of forever.

The prequel novella, A Taste of Jellybean Kisses, is available now.  A full length novel that continues where this story leaves off will be available April 30, 2014. This is an Upper YA / NA story, appropriate for ages 16 and up.

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