Tonight on #NAlitChat, we’re talking about how to take your brand offline and into the real world. We’ve got two amazing guests coming on to talk about two separate ways to build your brand at events, meetings, and other face to face things. We’ve got write Rhiannon Paille, author of epic fantasy series The Ferryman and The Flame and planner of Canadian ComicCons, and we’ve got stylist Allison Hamilton-Rohe who is all about making your outside match your insides. Together, they’re going to talk with Alicia Kat Vancil and me about how to still show off your best work when you’re away from your computer and way out of your safe zone.

Here are video intros if you want to see what they’re all about before we kick off on Google Hangouts and Twitter and 9 pm Eastern.



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Last Modified: June 12, 2014

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