CLICKS will be part of a Box Set of Ocean Books, going on sale in June for a limited time to benefit World Oceans Day!


Announcing OCEANS DEEP – Twelve Young Adult romance novels that celebrate sun, sea and love to support World Oceans Day 2014. 

As authors, we know while the facts can change people’s minds,  fiction can change their hearts.

OCEANS DEEP Twelve Young Adult romance

The proceeds from this box set will benefit World Oceans Day through, the charity organization for this global event dedicated to celebrating the ocean and encouraging people to think about why conservation must be important to them.  


Together we can help ocean conservation efforts, one word, one page, one story at a time.

Comprised of twelve full length young adult romance novels in a variety of genres including science fiction, fantasy, contemporary and mythology, the books all have one thing in common: they leave readers more in love with the ocean than they were before.

Just look at this incredible list of authors and books!  Getting to work with them all on this has been a dream come true. This is just a little teaser picture because we’re doing a cover reveal later this week so you can see the stunning design generously donated to the cause. If you want to help with the cover reveal sign up here. And thank you!

I’m so excited to be able to share this news on May 5th, especially, because it would have been my dad’s birthday, and it was from him that I inherited my love of the ocean.

Clicks features the ocean like a character, and I hope that by including it along with a bunch of other “sea reads” we will inspire other’s love for the ocean, and raise a lot of money for a good cause.


Stay tuned here for more information, or check us out at


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