So today is April 22nd. That means Earth Day and Jellybean Day are ONE!


I’m taking this as a super good sign from the universe that my world is on track in the very best way. Which means it’s a great time to share some new and launch a big giveaway!


Jellybean Kisses Jellybean Day
For Jellybean Day:

My novella A Taste of Jellybean Kisses is available on Amazon, and  iBooks.  And to celebrate Jellybean Day, it’s going to go up chapter by chapter on Wattpad beginning this week. It’s a sweet New Adult romance that I’m really excited to be sharing with you.

What’s the opposite of friends with benefits?

Jax and Jacey. Bends with Frenefits. Significant others who don’t f*ck, or kiss or do anything in between.

Voted cutest couple every year since preschool, they’ve been official since ninth grade. With Jax’s help, Jacey’s gone from the sister of the school slut to the popular Ice Queen, and works hard to keep her reputation clean.

Jax was happy to be the only one who saw the warm girl she’d always been in the years before but by senior year, she’s freezing him out too. He just wants something real before they graduate, but Jacey figures that since she’s loved him forever, they have forever to wait.

A Taste is the prequel, a novella of flashbacks and vignettes so you can get toknow Jax and Jacey and fall in love with JELLYBEAN KISSES too which will be out in a couple weeks.







Pjone Case


For Earth Day:

I’m thrilled to say CLICKS is going to be included in a box set of Young Adult and New Adult books about the ocean coming out June 8th. I’ll have more information about that in the next few weeks, but….ECHOES has a release date. June 16th! I’m so excited to

To celebrate I made myself this iPhone case to celebrate my books and to serve as a reminder that it’s #EarthDayEveryDay. And, I’ve made a few extras to share with you. I’ve launched a great big giveaway to connect with friends, fans and bloggers in great new ways. You can pin,review,  tumblr, comment and highlight your way to enter to win lots of great prizes including one of the phone cases and an Amazon gift card.

I’ve started a street team called Amy’s Angels With Fins, and if you sign up to join you can get points for that too.

Check it out and enter now! I look forward to hearing from you!  Rafflecopter giveaway.




2 thoughts on “Earth Day and Jellybean Day Are One!

  1. Shana @ A Book Vacation

    For earth day, I bought a recycling bin. My first ever. 🙂

    Loved Jellybean Kisses! Can’t wait for the full novel to release–only a few days to go! <3

    1. Amy Evans Post author

      That’s a good way to celebrate!

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