Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 10.33.51 AMWe’ve gotten a ton of questions about how to start a street team. This is one of my own personal goals for this quarter so I needed to do my research because I don’t know anything about it at all.

Luckily Heather Hildenbrand came to the rescue. Heather is the author of the Dirty Blood series as well as the founder of Phoenix Author Ink, a coaching service for authors who want to build their brand and increase their sales. She sat down and shared a ton of information with me, and we recorded it! Street Team Interview 

We’ve also got two more experts joining us this Thursday for the audio broadcast at 9 pm eastern. PR expert Rachel Marks and author Rachel Harris will tell more about how to get street team together.

Follow @aammyyss for links and chat information on Thursday night.

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